Gomez McKinney
Sal Gomez and Ruth McKinney
Owners Source One Management.
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A national Business Process Outsourcing company that is proud to have a strong customer base of government and corporate clients. Source One Management was founded in 1985 by it owners, Salvador Gomez, President and CEO, and Ruth McKinney, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Source One is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with operations in 21 states.
We provide the management and line staffing for all of our clients' select records management, information management, back-office and administrative support business processes. We manage the processes and take responsibility for not only staffing and managing the business process, but the business deliverables that are produced and result from these processes. Source One provides tailored records management solutions that include e-discovery solutions as well as e-FOIA solutions. Our objectives are always to significantly cut costs while increasing productivity and improving quality. 
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Source One Management Inc.
1125 17th Street
Suite 2300
Denver, CO 80202

Phone:  303-832-8600