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The landscape for the retention and destruction of agency and enterprise records has become increasingly complex. And effective records management has never been more crucial to meeting corporate governance, risk management and operational mandates. Yet a substantial number of enterprises lack a fully implemented records management program. Most organizations simply do not have the required competencies in-house to successfully develop, implement and enforce records policies and programs. It requires specialized expertise and applied technology to effectively manage electronic and physical records throughout their lifecycle. For more than two decades Source One Management principals have been providing consulting services and mission critical advice to government and corporate clients. Our Subject Matter Experts have many years of experience in their areas of specialization. Source One’s consulting practice builds on our more than 2 decades of practical hands on experience in records lifecycle management and administrative support operations management on behalf of our clients.

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The development of electronic information systems requires building recordkeeping functionality into their design and ensuring migration issues are considered as a part of the design process. Source One collaborates with the client’s IT organization to ensure that the migration of critical content is transparent and seamless. Organizational strategic information and recordkeeping requirements, including migration and continuing accessibility, are planned, coordinated and not left to chance. Source One works closely with the client organization to issue guidelines and advice for these processes, and encourage the adoption of:

  • Common usage rules;
  • Compliance with recordkeeping, information and data management standards; and selection of software applications that support recordkeeping and migration.

Source One works closely with the client to ensure that the following steps are observed before and during the migration process:

  • Determination of which records and data the organization needs to retain access to (and by implication those which are not required post-migration)
  • Develop authorized procedures for the deletion/destruction of records from the organizations archives
  • Develop Specification for the selection of software suitable for the migration task;
  • Testing the migration process before full implementation;
  • Testing the success of the migration process before any deletion/destruction of records occurs; and
  • Ensuring that all associated and relevant metadata is captured at the point of migration (for both the records and the migration process).

Source One has managed Administrative Support business processes since its inception.  Source One has managed Administrative Support business processes since its inception.  Source One’s administrative support services group has refined its service delivery system to ensure optimum efficiency while getting the most value for every dollar spent.  These cost saving efficiencies derive from many years of managing large clerical pools, print and copy centers, large and small mail centers with fulfillment operations, desktop publishing operations, and many other administrative services  Source One has developed a set of best practices that take full advantage of Source One’s many years of experience and broad customer base.  These best practices are metrics driven and meet the highest standards of quality and productivity. Our methodology is driven by a corporate obsession with mapping processes and streamlining to achieve excellent customer service results while cutting costs and adding value.

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